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Welcome to Jeff's Buttons™

I have been creating designs for many years. One of my first was button designs was from 1995. Initially, I am focussing on buttons, and will continue with some mugs, posters, and other products as I have time. Feel free to let me know if you have a favorite of mine that you want to see on another product (I may change my priorities!). I will note with the button image any other product with that design. I do have two designs, currently, on other products.

These buttons are 2 1/4" pin-back buttons (though, other sizes may be added later).

To purchase buttons: Most of my buttons are available for sale through an external vendor. From the category pages, click on a thumbnail image below to see a larger image. Clicking on the larger image will take you to the purchase page. Buttons that are not available do not have a link.

Jeff's button collection

Button Categories

Here are some main categories of my buttons. There are some buttons that could fit in multiple categories, but are listed once, so please have a look around at all the categories. While I have a "silly" category, there are silly buttons throughout! There is also some of my philosophy throughout, etc.!

I live on hugs... FEED ME!
  Hug Buttons - As it sounds, pin-back buttons relating to that national passtime, hugging! I live on Hugs!

Happy face
  Inspirational Buttons - A variety of buttons to, hopefully, inspire you and/or help you smile!

Dreams: Start your tomorrow today!
  Philosophical Buttons - Jeff's own brand of philosophy are found on these buttons!

I am brilliant! ...or toe I am sold
  Silly Buttons - Silly, humorous buttons from a variety of categories.

  Vegan Buttons - Buttons relating to vegans and veganism.

Peace: go veg!
  Vegetarian Buttons - Buttons relating to vegetarians and vegetarianism.

Cooked food is for sissies
  Raw Food Buttons - Yes, buttons relating to raw foodists and raw foodism (living foods)!

Money can't buy happiness... NO, wait! Money can buy chocolate!
  Cacao/Chocolate Buttons - Buttons relating to one of the all-time favorite flavors, Chocolate and it's raw form: Cacao!

What don't you understand about Though shall not kill?
  Animal Rights (A/R) Buttons - Buttons related to Animal Rights and cruelty-free living.

MIlk: The udder bodily fluid.
  Anti-Dairy/Meat/Eggs Buttons- A few buttons to make people think about what it is they are eating.

Durian: It's not the end of the world, it only smells like it!
  Durian Buttons - Buttons relating to the "King of Fruits", aka "Stinky Fruit", the infamous Durian!

Save gas: ride your broom!
  Environmental Buttons - Buttons relating to the environment.

What a difference a gay makes!
  LGBTQ Buttons - At least two buttons in this category. More later, with additional inspiration!

The Naughty Vegan
  Logo Buttons - A few buttons with Jeff's logos, from Jeff's Buttons to SoyStache.

Blue eye
  Miscellaneous Buttons - Buttons that didn't really fit into the other categories.

Sun gazers see the light
  Sun Gazing Buttons - Buttons relating to the Sun and those that honor it!

Jeff occasionally sells his buttons at special events!

'Vegan Ice Cream'
Recipes for
ice cream!

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