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Naturally creative, Jeff Rogers has found button designing to be a great outlet for some of his many ideas and inspirations! One of his first button designs he first used on t-shirts in 1995. He later had it made into his first button. Eventually, he bagan printing his own buttons.

As a long-time vegan and health-advocate, he has naturally created many designs regarding diet, health, and nutrition, etc. As a natural philosopher, he has included his own version of philosophy in his designs. As a humorist, he natrually uses humor in many of his designs.

He has sold his buttons for many years and, with this website and a parter website, now has his buttons available online.

Jeff still prints his buttons, which he sells at events where he tables, as well as for donations to non-profits, such as The Gentle Barn and Farm Sanctuary. He has also donated buttons for many charity fund-raisers.

As mentioned on the main page, Jeff plans to also put his designs on mugs, posters, and other products as he has time. If you have a favorite design of his that you would like to see on another product feel free to let us know. Any design available on other products will be noted with the button image.

Jeff's main webpage is

Jeff appeared at AR2007 with his buttons in Los Angeles, CA (USA),
and Vegfest, Portland, Oregon in 2009, 2010, and 2011,
as well as at the Raw & Living Spirit Retreat in Mollala Oregon in 2006, 2008, & 2009.

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ice cream!

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