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Jeff's Buttons - Durian

Buttons related to durian, the king of fruit.

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(durian) Stinky fruit rawks

(durian) It's not the end of the world... it only smells like it!

(durian) The only thing to fear is fear itself! ...and durian

Trick or treat smell my durian!

Durian: The "fruit du sewer"

Durian: The "fruit du jour"

I hate durian

Save the Earth... it's the only planet with durian!

Wake up and smell the durian!

Money can't buy happiness... NO... WAIT!
Money can buy Durian!

Carpe Durian: seize the raw!

Carpe Durian: seize the raw!

'Vegan Ice Cream'
Recipes for
ice cream!

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